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Infrastructure Facilities

An owned building is complete in all respect and identified with the provision for adequate no. of classrooms, hall and laboratories space is also available as per requirement of NCTE in addition to that separate rooms are available for principal’s office, faculty chambers, office and administrative staff and a store etc.

1. Library

There is a library and a big hall which is equipped with text and reference books related to course in education Encyclopedia, year book and CD-ROMs which would strengthen the library.

2. Laboratory Facility

Psychology Lab

There are different types of the tests and equipments- Verbal, Non-verbal and performance are available in the Lab related to education.




ICT Lab & Computer Lab

The college has well educational technology and media lab. Forty computers with all its supporting accessories like multimedia, internet access and printers are available in the E.T. lab. Facilities for accessing and use of digital learning resources are available, color T.V., C.D. player, OHP, slide projector, amplifier, radio, tape recorder and all other required equipment are also available in the E.T. lab. Public address system facilities are available in our E.T. lab. 100 students sitting capacity is available in E.T. lab. The E.T. lab facilities are adequate.


Language Lab:

To help students in improvement of their pronunciation, vocabulary & interactive ability.


Audio-Visual Lab:

Adequate Maps, Charts, Globes, Atlas, Tracing machine are available for the students to use in teaching.


Science Lab

The laboratories are well equipped with demonstrable working models & materials required for conducting industrial as well as group experiments/projects.

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